OSG Cup Room

OH So Glittery started in our kitchen with a tumbler, two jars of glitter, and my husband (OG) hand turning our first cup for hours!

The week before, a co-worker had an epoxied tumbler in the breakroom at work, to which I mentioned how much I liked it to OG. For those that don't know us, OG & I are married, we work together on the same unit as RN's, and we run our side business together. And yes, we get along and love working together (our most frequently asked question). 

In typical OG fashion, he began researching how to make epoxy tumblers. Following his lead, we started watching YouTube videos and joined Facebook tumbler groups. A trip to Michaels finally sparked my glitter obsession! I was instantly addicted to all things sparkly! Thus, our first tumbler was crafted, and OH So Glittery was created. **O = Orville, H=Heather**

That first tumbler taught us many lessons, including that glitter will be permanently be stuck to our bodies and our entire house for the rest of our lives, but most importantly that we need a cup turner because hand turning a cup for six hours isn't fun.

OG started researching again, this time how to build cup turners. Two turners later, we temporarily turned the dining room into our little craft room, but it didn't take long to realize how much we loved making cups and needed a lot of room! 

Almost three years later, we have a "Cup Room" with 18 turners and glitter in every color you can imagine! We have hand crafted over 2000 cups in that room. The Cup Room is my reprieve from the stress of my nursing job, my creative outlet, and my happy place. The fact that it's the central hangout our family makes it even better!

I'm the glitter boss and OG is the epoxy man. We spend many, many hours in our Cup Room, and are always learning new techniques to make our craft better. Never in a million years would I have imagined we would have this successful little home business. We tried our hand at a retail shop (all hand crafted products from all over WV), but it was too daunting for our family, and soon decided we needed to be home crafting our tumblers, and closed the shop. We are now perfectly happy right at home making our beautiful cups. 

All my friends and family know when they come to our house we're probably in the Cup Room working, and they’re not leaving without glitter attached to them somewhere. I really can't call playing with glitter, being with my OG all day, and creating beautiful things work - it's truly my happy place. 

Thank you to all of our customers for supporting our small business, and for loving our "cup babies" as much as we do!


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